November 2020

STOP for Mindfulness

Mindfulness is hard – to remember to do Lately, we often hear how helpful mindfulness can be for stress, pain, and our overall mental health, especially when we are living with chronic mental or physical illness. Practicing mindfulness might sound simple, but it can be hard to remember at times. S.T.O.P. Here is a simple […]

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30 seconds to mindfulness | Phil Boissiere | TEDxNaperville

We all know Mindfulness works Mindfulness. It’s really become quite the buzzword in recent times even though mindfulness practices have been used for millennia. Most of us agree that mindfulness practices are a positive thing and would benefit our life. There’s abundant research illustrating the positive effect that mindfulness practices have on quality of life, […]

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Mind the Bump – Mindfulness and how the brain works

Neuroplasticity The human brain is a profoundly complex organ, 90 % of its activity occurs beneath conscious awareness, which means that, even though we assume that we have some control of how we think feel and behave, modern science suggests it’s not so simple. The concept of neuroplasticity is a new and exciting area of […]

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Self-Transformation Through Mindfulness | Dr. David Vago | TEDxNashville

Self-Transformation Through Mindfulness Activity-Dependent Plasticity We are all born with a brain that has 86 billion neurons. And throughout our life, we make relatively few new neurons. In fact, we lose about 2 billion neurons throughout the course of our lifetime. So you may wonder – if we’re losing billions of neurons and we’re not making […]

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